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The Neanderlytes by Mark Dashper | Dashper Books
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A reclusive New Zealand Palaeontologist. A renowned international Human Geneticist. Can they stop the deadly plan of rebel Time Scientists going back in time to alter the genetic memories and instil aggression into our palaeolithic ancestors, changing the face of history as we know it? Will they succeed in combatting the plot to dramatically increase the survival instincts in modern humans through the instincts embedded in our shared Neanderthal DNA?

The Neanderlytes is the first book in the sci-fi mystery series Time Travel Tribe. If you like time travel into our 45,000 year old origins, with an exciting Aotearoa New Zealand flavour, then you'll love Mark Gilbert Dashper's brand new sci-fi novel.

Unlock The Neanderlytes to discover how this evil plan will affect humanity.

The Neanderlytes by Mark Dashper | Dashper Books

Available as e-book and paperback on Amazon in all countries, including:
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